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Sovereign Island - Before Photo

Sovereign Island – Before Photo

At Godden painting we prepare and paint new homes on a regular basis, From small investment homes to large mansions and apartment blocks. We take great pride in our finished product. Our process involves a 3 coat system at the minimum, with premium quality products. After every new house is completed there is always defects to be rectified before house is handed over, I believe in doing the extra preperation before and during painting we have a much better finish on completion of job with minimal touch ups.


Interior painting

  • Tiled areas, kitchen cupboards and windows are taped up with plastic sheets.
  • All new surfaces are prepared, puttied and gapped.
  • Doors are taken off and sealed top and bottom
  • Then all new surfaces are sealed with a water based sealer undercoat, Sprayed with airless spraygun and back rolled.
  • After its sealed, all surfaces are sanded smooth.
  • All walls and ceilings are marked for defects and then patched with plaster (plasterers pre paint) and sanded.
  • All doors and architraves are filled with timber filler And sanded
  • Patches are then touched up with sealer undercoat.
  • Second coat is then applied to walls using interior low sheen, wood work using acrylic or oil based gloss, and cielings in flat, sprayed with airless and back rolled.
  • all surfaces are sanded again
  • Cielings will recieve final coat of cieling flat (wet area ceilings are finished in a washable matt finish to prevent moisture penetrating gyprock).  Sprayed and back rolled.
  • One more coat of gloss is applied to wood work and doors are re hung.
  • Walls recieve one final check for imperfections, then touched up and final coat of interior low sheen is applied with a Brush and roller.
  • Plastic sheets removed and house is swept clean.


Sovereign Island - After Photo

Sovereign Island – After Photo

This is the process for a standard house, Process sometimes has to change depending on job. The airless spray gun is a great way to ensure an even and thick coat every time.

We also do paint the old fashioned way!

Exterior render

  • windows, concrete and other surfaces are covered with plastic and drop sheets.
  • Render is sanded to remove imperfections.
  • 1 coat of render prime is applied by brush and roller.
  • window frames and expansion joins are sealed with flexible sealant.
  • 1 coat of membrane or texture paint is applied with brush and roller.
  • Final coat of membrane is applied.

Weather boards , Cladding or cement sheeting

  • All cracks are sealed with a flexible sealant, and nail holes puttied.
  • All areas recieve 3 coats of exterior paint, Sprayed or brush and roller.


Timber surfaces

  • Timber is sanded and washed off with deck reviver.
  • one coat of sealer is applied.
  • the area is then sanded and puttied if requied.
  • 2 coats of finish coat is applied.


Other new work involved

  • Steel finish/ rust provention.
  • Concrete sealing.
  • Pavement painting.
  • Garage floor 2 pac finishes.
  • Timber bench top 2 pac finishes.
  • Internal timber stairs and flooring.
  • And much more


 Products used

  • Nutech paints, Supplied by Gold coast paint supplies  4/15 O’shea dr Nerang.
  • Dulux paints, Supplied by Inspirations paint and colour Nerang and Oxenford stores.
  • Solver paints, supplied by Solver Helensvale store.
  • Bristol paints, supplied by Nerang store.








Sovereign Island – After Photo

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